Sunday, March 4, 2012


Tonight we attended King of Kings and were blessed once again by the atmosphere of hunger for the L-rd and their deference to Israel. The children celebrated Purim (a little early) and Cassidy was thrilled to be able to observe it by dressing up as a ballerina. Tradition is to dress up in costumes, to hide your identity the way Esther did and then act out the story of Esther. They did this at the children's service and she got to be Queen Esther!

The story of Esther is a remarkable one: one man seeks to destroy the entire nation of Israel but because of one woman (and one man, too) they are saved. At some level it is the story of Israel. As followers of Yeshua Purim reminds us that we have a gracious King who desires for us to come before Him and ask for the lives of His people. Please join with us this week as we ask G-d to move on behalf of His people Israel, as Iran and Ahmadinejad seek to exterminate the Jews once more. We know He hears the cries of His people! The Messianic community in Israel put together a helpful guide for interceding on behalf of Israel this Purim. There is a traditional fast that goes along with Purim (Esther actually fasted 3 days) and we are using this time to seek His protection for the nation and the people. The fast that leads up to Purim is sundown Tuesday night to sundown Wednesday. Here is a link you can visit for more information about joining in prayer:

In the meantime, something to make you smile. We don't know if it's the fact that she's dressed up, she had chocolate, or she got to be Queen Esther that made her so excited, but we enjoyed it.

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