Thursday, April 26, 2012

Independence Day, 64 Years Young

Cassie's school has been preparing for Independence day this week: she made this incredible Israeli flag (notice her name she wrote in Hebrew at the top, ), as well as did a numbers worksheet that included counting airplanes and tanks.
Today we went to Gan Sacher (Sacher Garden) to celebrate with the people of King of Kings Congregation and it seems that every Israeli in Jerusalem was there.
 They literally camp out all day. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky (which is becoming very common) and the breeze was cool. It was the perfect day to spend playing at the park.

  Israeli flags are everywhere, even on the people.
 We celebrated by letting Cassidy consume more sugar than she has ever had in her entire life. She loved it. Her very first cotton candy; Happy 64th Birthday, Israel!

 Then we headed on over to the playground to let her run off the sugar. Check out how tall that slide is. Cassidy enjoyed herself thoroughly while Tom and I sat in the shade and watched a little boy come down the slide, pull his pants down and pee in the sand. Must be normal around here, because no one seemed to mind.
And it wouldn't be Independence day in Israel without the lemonade stand guy packing heat.

The irony of the two following videos is pretty funny. The first one is from our day at the park. They flew over for about 10 minutes and it was incredible to see their tight formations and hear the roar of the planes. And then there's the fireworks. I think they speak for themselves...

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  1. look similar to fireworks from a loch lloyd driveway on independence day!