Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Update from Jerusalem & Bomb Shelter Info

More air raid sirens in Jerusalem yesterday [Tuesday] meant more rockets in the Jerusalem area and then today a terrorist attack on a public bus in Tel Aviv injured 23 people! The last terrorist bomb blast in Tel Aviv was in 2006. The situation is escalating and a ground war seems more likely even as Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has traveled to Egypt to supposedly help negotiate peace talks. Additionally, Iran has urged Arab nations to send military assistance to Gaza.
Bomb Shelter
You may remember the story about when we first moved to Jerusalem in February. We had a very generous donation by some of our partners specifically to allow us to rent a bigger and nicer apartment to ease our cross-global transition and to be able to host friends/family from the US. Because the apartment is newer, we actually have a bomb shelter in our apartment--in fact, my study doubles as the bomb shelter. Many apartment complexes have a shared bomb shelter or people go into the hallways or something during an attack. So come to find out, we have even MORE to be thankful for in renting this place as we have very little time to get into the bomb shelter when the air raid sirens are sounded [indicating an incoming rocket/missile]. This reality has given us way more empathy for the Israelis living in the south of Israel who have been living with this reality pretty much ever since Israel gave Gaza away in 2005.

However, we are doing well and comforted with the fact that the safest place in the world is to be in the middle of G-d’s will for your life! 

Here is an example of how effective safe rooms are in Israel. This is an apartment in Rishon LeZion that was directly hit from a rocket fired from Gaza.

And to those who don’t have Facebook: Here is a “Day in the Life” morning conversation:

Tom: How'd you sleep Cass?
Cass: Really good.
Tom: Why's that?
Cass: No rockets or anything!

Remember to pray for the shalom of Jerusalem and all of Israel!

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