Monday, April 1, 2013

Unleavened Shopping

No matter where you live shopping during holidays is different from any other time. The items change with the seasons -- more cranberries and pumpkin at Thanksgiving; candy canes and wrapping paper at Christmas; fluffy bunnies and pastel eggs at Easter. During Passover in Israel the shelves also change -- unleavened specialty items pop up and plastic wrap covers all items containing chametz (leaven).  
This is the baking aisle. See what I mean? No flour or baking soda for anyone.

But if you're shopping in Israel, whether it's Passover or just a regular day of the year, then you'll eventually bump into a soldier. And most times they're carrying large backpacks or guns, or both. 
I think Cassidy finds the plastic-covered shelves more surprising than the IDF soldier carrying the M-16. Just one more reason you feel safe in the city -- no one's going to take your kid or your purse when guys like this are strolling through the grocery looking for matzah.

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  1. I feel like the little things about life in Israel would be the biggest adjustments, such as the shopping. You do a great job of helping us all feel a part of the "little big things" in your life there. And you seem like you're handing yourself with famous Leah Blake poise!