Thursday, December 19, 2013

A New Season

Once we returned to Jerusalem in September we began praying into what the L-RD did during the five weeks we were in Kansas City. He powerfully provided the finances, through you, to keep us here through this semester. He partnered us with so many who share a heart for unification between Jew & Gentile through Yeshua and the importance of Israel.

Even though we anticipated being here in Israel for several more years, we both felt that we were to pray and ask the L-RD if He wanted us to stay beyond February.

In asking this question we prayed into many factors, not just finances, in our desire to do His will. We were both in agreement that we desired to serve more. While we definitely serve here in different capacities, Tom is limited because of the amount of time required for his studies. The language barrier also prevents us from serving more within the Messianic Jewish body. At some level, we feel we have come to a crossroads as to whether to begin a very serious modern Hebrew language study program or move on to a new season as the L-RD leads.

Through much prayer, wrestling, and affirmation from our spiritual authorities and the Holy Spirit, He showed us that this season in Israel is coming to an end. And He has even begun to put an excitement in our hearts for the next step in our journey. In coming to this unexpected decision, we reviewed our main goals for being in Israel:

1. Connect with and serve the Messianic community in order to join the Gentile body with the Messianic body here in Israel
2. Study the Bible in its original context to bring more depth to Tom's teaching gifting
3. Learn Biblical Hebrew to strengthen Tom's gift for teaching

He has graciously allowed us to achieve these goals in the 21 months we've lived here and we've gained so much more. But the obvious question is, What about Tom's PhD if you leave Israel?

The academic experience here has proven invaluable -- both inside and outside of the classroom. Tom's calling is to teach, and he is eager to share more about everything that the L-RD has shown him through his studies and living here in the Holy Land. The plan is to continue his doctoral studies at The King’s University (founded by Jack Hayford) in Dallas, Texas. The degree is a Doctorate of Ministry in Messianic Jewish Leadership/Studies and is the only program of its kind.

We believe this is a perfect fit for us. The program is designed for people to continue in their full-time ministry positions while also pursuing a doctoral degree. Therefore, it is set up so that you only come to the campus three times per year (9 days at a time). This is very exciting for us because it will allow us to be in full-time ministry/teaching while also pursuing the doctoral degree.

We plan to return to Kansas City after this semester, in the early Spring, and the L-rd has begun giving us vision for this next step in our ministry. We once again ask for your prayers for our lives and specifically our future ministry. We desire to continue teaching the message that G-d's heart for the Nations is rooted in Israel and because of our experiences in Israel He has equipped us to be able to impart that message in a unique way. We are thankful and excited for the leading hand of the Holy Spirit and have confidence that He is leading us into this new and exciting season.

We value your partnership and will share more details in the coming months and look forward to seeing you again in America! We pray you'll continue to partner with us as we share the message: Remember Jerusalem.

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