Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Classes Starting Soon!

February 16th to May 4th

This semester we are offering a different format to our school. There will be two separate six-week classes on Monday evenings. Each class will be six weeks long from 6:30pm to 9:00pm and include a mixture of video lectures from Dan Juster and additional material and discussion by Tom Blake. The classes are not intended to merely be a lecture/video format but a class that allows the students to engage with the material.

1st 6-Week Session: February 16th - March 23rd
Messianic Jewish Theology
     6:30 - 9:00pm

This class will discuss the main issues of Messianic Jewish Theology and the often-overlooked Hebraic cultural contexts for interpreting the Bible. The emphasis will be salvation, law and grace, Israel’s election and relationship with the Nations, and Eschatology; and how is Messianic Jewish Theology similar and/or different from the various Christian and Rabbinic Jewish interpretations of Scripture including:

  • The foundation of Torah and the continuity of the biblical covenants
  • The Prophets and their application of Torah and proclamation of the Messianic Hope
  • The Gospels and life of Yeshua
  • The interpretive issues of Acts & the Pauline Writings
  • Difficult Biblical Passages and Discussion of the Messianic Jewish Movement
  • Messianic Jewish & Gentile practice
  • Response to Rabbinic Judaism
Recommended Reading:
"Jewish Roots: Understanding Your Jewish Faith" by Dan Juster (updated version)
"Assumptions that Affect our Lives" by Christian Overman

2nd 6-Week Session: March 30th - May 4th Israel, the Church, & the Last Days
     6:30 - 9:00pm

This class will provide a foundational understanding of a Messianic Jewish perspective on the Last Days. It will examine Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, focusing on the following themes:

  • The eschatological hope of the prophets in light of Israel's failures 
  • The return of Israel from exile
  • The return of the Messiah
  • Judgment on the Nations
  • The defeat of Israel's enemies
  • The revelation of G-d to the Nations under the rule of Messiah 
  • The new order of creation
Recommended Reading:
"Israel, the Church, and the Last Days" by Asher Intrater and Dan Juster

All are welcome to the classes and the fee is $40 for each six-week class. You are welcome to join the classes at any point in the semester. Extensive lecture notes are available electronically for free or in booklet form for about $10. 

Please register by contacting Tom Blake
913-645-8814 or

Classes are at Crossroads Church RCA,10551 Quivira Road, Lenexa, KS 66215.

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