Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day of the Sounding

Wednesday evening is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah or the Day of the sounding of the shofar.  It is one of the Biblical Holy Days or appointed times according to Leviticus 23:23-25 and Numbers 29:1-6.  I like to call it the Annual Commemoration of the Second Coming of Jesus.  Many have taught that we should be prepared as if He is to return at any time and while I think that is a good idea, it is also beneficial to have a specific day to commemorate that great and terrible day.  Revelation 11:15 records the sounding of the 7th Shofar (trumpet) and the following chapters and versus detail His return.  Rosh Hashanah is the 1st day of the 7th month on the Biblical calendar (1st Tishrei).  The 7th shofar announces the coming of King Jesus!  At the same time the shofar is meant to wake us up from our slumber as it also symbolizes repentance.  Now is the time to repent and to come into a right relational covenant with the King of all Kings. 

May grace come and may this world pass away.  Hoshanah to the G-d of David! Everyone who is holy, let him come.  Everyone who is not, let him repent.  May He come soon and in our days. Amen         

May you be inscribed for a sweet new year


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