Friday, September 9, 2011

Road to Israel Update

We just heard some big news from the University of Holy Land in Jerusalem – I (Tom) have been accepted into their Doctoral Program!  This is surprising and emotional on many levels.  First of all, to stay in Israel beyond 3 months you must have a special visa.  Dan Juster recommended this school as a way to be able to stay in Israel by obtaining a student visa.  Although I obviously applied to the doctoral program, I did not really think I would be accepted.  So we have a lot to pray about.  We were planning on staying around a year and a half in Israel and trying to also complete a Master’s Degree.  Now we have the option of staying 3 years and completing the doctoral program while also connecting with Tikkun in Israel.  It’s a lot more money to stay that long but it is also a great opportunity.  The extra time would allow us to develop deeper relationships with the Messianic Jewish community and ministries in Israel which is an important aspect of why we are going to Israel.  It would also obviously help our Hebrew language learning by being there longer.  At the same time, it would take us away from our friends and family for longer than we had anticipated.  Please pray the L-rd will speak to us about this big decision and that we will have confirmations of His will.                 

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  1. Wow. Big news! I am literally floored on the floor and excited for you. More time to plan our trip!