Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last Sunday evening our local congregation, Kingdom Living, and our international covering, Tikkun International, laid hands on us and blessed us by ordaining us into ministry. The wisdom, love and power of the people involved Sunday night is almost unspeakable. Throughout the last 5 years we've journeyed closely with Paul Blake and Eric Simon and others to better understand the importance of Israel, and how G-d desires us to function within His Body of followers. One of Kingdom Living's board members and the man who ordained Paul, Hal Linhardt was there to lay hands on us as well. Additionally, Tikkun America leader and prophet John Glueck laid hands on us and blessed us into the ministry. During the ordination, we could feel the tangible presence of G-d and were filled with encouragement and support from others within the Body of Messiah.
Eric, Hal, John and Paul, with Tom and me
We see how G-d is moving us to Jerusalem, by giving us confirming words, providing a buyer for our home during a difficult market, bringing along men with wisdom concerning the finances (thank you Dad and Brenton!), and providing the finances themselves. Ordination was one more step of commitment that brought along encouragement. They ordained Tom as a teacher, and it's been made apparent that this is what he should be doing as he prepares to give two more teachings this week to groups hungry to connect with the importance of Israel. The L-rd used study to bring hope to Tom in the last two years and he is bearing fruit from that time. His education at UHL will further his own understanding of the Scriptures and will allow him to impart more to others.

It's hard to grasp how much there is to study and learn, yet as Tom gains clarity on one issue he sees another topic to dive into. We're blessed by the partnership of so many and thank you for giving of your time, energy, words and finances. Your partnership with the L-rd and with us makes this all possible. If you have questions or are curious about Tom's studies, please contact us. We can meet with you or send you his thesis, which seems like only the tip of the iceberg now that a few months have passed since he finished it. We are blessed that the L-rd is infinite and that He desires us to know Him. We pray He draws each of you closer to Himself as you journey with us.


  1. this is soooo exciting! thanks for sharing about the ordination, leah!
    also, could you guys send me a copy of tom's thesis? i'm reading for some light reading :)
    love you!

  2. this makes me smile that some of favorite people in the world are getting connected.