Monday, November 28, 2011

Prayer Updates

I updated the 'Prayer' page, but I'll list the updates here as well. We're blessed to have so many people standing with us and appreciate your repeated inquiries for our specific prayer needs. How are you all doing? We'd love to pray specifics for you. E-mail us at

We have been praying for the funds and so far we've received about half the support we need -- for the first year. We have received donations through monthly donors and one-time gifts and trust the L-rd will continue to speak to people about partnering with us. We would love to stay in Jerusalem for at least three years. We will be leaving Kansas City mid-February, right after Cassidy's 5th birthday, to start our work in Israel. Two and a half months to go!

-We want the L-rd to put us in the right home and ask for His strategic placement and timing when looking for a place. Tom is going in January for 10 days and will look at several places throughout the city. We hope to have enough space for visitors from the States!

-Cassidy will be leaving her preschool here and we're hoping that by next Fall we will have a great school for her to attend. Cassidy loves being in the classroom and learning, so finding a great school (whether it's public, private or home-schooling) is very important to us. This will also enable Leah to connect with and reach out to moms. In the meantime we need prayer for Cassidy's continued studies at home as well as opportunities to meet other little kids, and their parents.

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