Monday, February 20, 2012

The Old City

If you haven't heard, we're here! We arrived flawlessly with all of our bags and a little bit of jet lag. The apartment where we're staying temporarily is wonderful and we're fully anticipating a nice place of our own up north soon.
A view from our apartment.
Can you see the sheep on the grass, near the street?
Today we counted our blessings. It was a cool 55' and the sun was out so we hopped on the bus to go into the city. We visited Cassidy's school and it is going to be a nice fit. Jacob's Ladder is a Messianic school run by some amazing women and an Israeli named Jon. The classes are small and the content dense and we believe that in less than a year Cassidy will be a fluent Hebrew speaker.

The Old City's Damascus Gate
We visited the Old City today as well, since it's about a block or so from Cassidy's school. We walked through the crowded Muslim quarter to get to the beautiful Kotel, the Western Wall. Cassidy and I spent some time praying for the first time at the Wall and the L-rd graciously reminded me that He will return here, in power and glory.

Tomorrow we meet with Tom's advisor and then someone affiliated with the school is going to show us some apartments. We're praying the L-rd will show us the right one; what that will look like we don't quite know. But rest assured, we'll fill you in once we know!


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