Thursday, February 16, 2012

This year in Jerusalem

We arrived in Jerusalem! All of our flights were on time (and so were we), and our luggage showed up. Cassidy slept most of the flight over the Atlantic and did wonderful for her first airplane trip. She loved having her own little carry-on, nicknamed RJ. We made it through Amman with no trouble and got our first taste of culture shock. When we arrived in Tel Aviv Becka Glueck was at the airport to meet us and we rented a vehicle. Tom got us to Jerusalem without getting lost or stressed, even though it was 11pm and rainy. Cassidy and I saw the walls of the Old City for the first time. Incredible!

Thank you for your prayers! It is nothing short of a miracle that we travelled about 24 hours with no meltdowns, all flights on time and 9 pieces of luggage arriving in-tact. We are grateful. Time for some sleep, and then off to find an apartment.



  1. SO glad I got to spend just a few minutes with you before you left. Hope the apartment search has been fruitful. Love you ALL!