Sunday, June 3, 2012

From Saul to Netanyahu

As I rode the train home this morning, after taking Cassidy to school, I read 1 Samuel 15. I can't help but shake my head when I read about Saul not following the orders of G-d when the Israelites defeat Agag and the Amelekites. How quickly his leadership grieves the L-rd because he "has not carried out my instructions" (v.10-11). Samuel spends the whole night crying out to G-d because he is so troubled by this confession of the L-rd.

When I arrived home I sat down at my desk to work and looked out the window. It's a clear day here in HaGiva HaTsarfatit (French Hill) and I can see Samuel's Tomb, located up on the hill. What a job Samuel had, trying to mediate between the King of kings and the king of Israel.

Samuel's Tomb
The leadership of Israel today still needs a lot of help and prayer. Surprisingly, last month Benyamin Netanyahu met with Saul Mofaz. Mofaz is the leader of the Kadima party and they are big opponents to Netanyahu's party, Likud.  In a dramatic turn of events, the two have decided to join together, creating the 3rd largest coalition government in Israel’s history. The two parties combined will now have more power to move ahead on crucial issues, such as the budget, military service requirements for Orthodox Jews, governmental structure and the peace process. Please pray that they will have wisdom from G-d and move forward bravely.

It wasn't so long ago that Netanyahu faced off with the previous leader of Kadima, Tzipi Livni. This occured around the same time as the Obama/McCain election. Our congregation in Kansas spent many hours praying for Israel first, and then for the elections happening in the United States. The results were a surprise for us, but when we pray, "Your will be done", we must trust in His goodness and sovereignty. We know He is at work, and He wants us to partner with Him in every way we can. As you pray for the upcoming US elections, keep Netanyahu and the Knesset in your prayers -- pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

If you don't fully understand this shift, here is a helpful video from Ron Cantor ( about what is taking place with this remarkable coalition and why it means so much to Israelis.

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