Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Once An Arafat Man

I am reading a book recommended by a friend here in Jerusalem, 'Once an Arafat Man' by Tass Saada. This is the autobiography of the man who runs Cassidy's preschool. Confused? Tass'sjourney from being a soldier in Fatah to a follower of Yeshua is miraculous. From the very beginning, as a child in Gaza, then as a teenager in Qatar, the Hand of G-d protects him. He goes from a rebellious teenager to a hate-filled killer to a repentant, obedient man of G-d.

He spent his early years with Fatah and Arafat (he really was his chauffeur), then he went to the States to get out of trouble. He married an American woman so he could stay in the US and then led an empty life, in a loveless marriage, striving after the "American Dream". But as I said, he's the guy who started a Messianic preschool in Jerusalem. How?!

Well, I'm only halfway through the book, but the L-rd pursued Tass until he gave His heart to the Jewish Messiah. In fact his friend who shared the Good News with him told him he had to love a Jew.

I don't want to tell you too much. Tass's story is filled with testimonies of how the L-rd used the dramatic and the not very dramatic experiences in to bring Him glory. If you're looking for an easy read that will encourage you in your walk and give you some insight into the Middle East, get 'Once an Arafat Man.' You'll have trouble keeping the story to yourself.

Cassidy outside of her Gan, Jacob's Ladder


  1. You should. But not before bed; I just had intense dreams about Gaza last night.

  2. i've heard of this book! i wish i could remember where...

    on another note, i watched your video again, just because i was missing you guys. it made me laugh and smile and pray and i'm glad i can watch it over and over :)

  3. Kait and Luke did such a wonderful job on it. Thanks for praying for us, and smiling and laughing. We like that stuff, too.