Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nazareth Village

Last week we visited Nazareth Village, a re-creation of a 1st century Nazareth village. Tom's university helped with the archeology and research and found an original wine press on site. They also recreated a vineyard, threshing floor, tomb and 1st century synagogue, where the graduation ceremony was held. Nazareth Village is a well-kept secret in Israel, and we're looking forward to going back to see the demonstrations of wool and flax spinning and the craftsman's workshop.
A recreation of a tomb.

Tom working on the threshing floor. He caught a good wind.

They had swings in the first century...maybe.
A baby goat!

Cassidy with the shepherd. She worried about the little goat running
 around so she told the shepherd he should go get the goat.

A donkey. A very loud, braying donkey.

Roman armor.

A traditional cross.
They likely would have made prisoners carry the crossbeam,
none of it would be smooth or sanded, and often times the crossbeam would
be affixed to a tree that was already standing. To prolong the torture
there was a place for the feet to push up and a seat for them to rest on.

An original wine press.
Right below Cassidy is a small ramp so that the juice would run
down to be caught into a big hole. You crush grapes barefoot
so as not to crush the seeds (with your shoes) and cause the juice to be bitter.
They recreated this olive press which they use seasonally
when the olives are ripe.

Then they smash them down to get the oil out. The first press is the best,
thus the high price for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The synagogue.
Jewish scholars have come and been amazed
at the accuracy of this synagogue.

One of the professors reading Isaiah 40 in Hebrew.

Blessing the graduates.

A festive meal to celebrate 25 years of UHL and the 2012 graduates.
It was delicious!

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  1. Wow! This is an amazing place! Thanks for the pictoral tour Leah!