Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tom is coming to Kansas City

In the last five months we’ve begun connecting with local congregations, ministries and individuals who are passionate about Jesus and doing His work in Israel. When we sit down and share with them our desire to bring the Church into direct partnership with Messianic Jewish Israel they are very encouraged. Israel as a whole is tolerant of Christianity and Islam, but when Jews claim Jesus as their Messiah they often come under persecution. To have brothers and sisters in the Church lifting them up in prayer and financially supporting them brings new life. To further our ability to connect with the Jewish people, the three of us are studying the Hebrew language and I was in Hebrew class for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for the last month! Our organization, Tikkun International, has a Messianic Jewish congregation in Jerusalem that worships and teaches only in Hebrew so learning the language is imperative for communal worship there.

Additionally, G-d has given me amazing academic favor in my pursuit of a doctoral degree in Biblical studies. The last semester of study affirmed how important it is to study the historical foundation of our faith because it has such an impact on how we relate to Jesus and how we understand the importance of Israel. Hopefully you've watched some of the videos and posts from our website. Being a student also opens doors to share why we're here as Gentiles. In the last two weeks we've have three great conversations about the Jewishness of Jesus and how we as Gentiles live as part of the family of Israel. During one conversation an Orthodox Jewish man said, "I've never heard these things about Yeshua." I was able to go so far as to share about Jesus being the ultimate sacrificial Lamb and about His Second Coming as the Davidic Messiah. We continue to pray the L-rd will water the seeds that were planted in these conversations.

In order to continue developing these relationships, to advance the bridge building between the Church and Messianic Jewish Israel, to complete my doctoral dissertation, and to keep sharing about the Hebraic roots of Jesus with Jews in Israel we must remain in Israel. This means we are looking for more partners to help fully-fund our ministry. By partnering with us you are participating in the unification of the Church and Messianic Jewish Israel.

If you believe in us and our vision, then we encourage you to pray about participating in our ministry in two different ways:

1. Becoming a monthly financial partner and/or

2. Introducing us to your pastor, small group, friends, or family who might be interested
in our vision.

If every family in our current contact list partnered with us at just $25/month we would easily have enough support to continue our ministry in Israel! I am coming to Kansas City August 26th through September 13th and would love to get together with you and share about the vision of Remember Jerusalem and what G-d is doing in Israel. We have a one page summary of our story and how it led to our ministry, which also includes our budget and the amount we still need to become fully-funded. Please feel free to
print this off and give it to people who may be interested. I would like to visit with you while I'm in town to hear what the L-rd is doing in your life, so please email me at tom@remember-jerusalem.org and let me know when you're available. I’m free breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I definitely do coffee!

Thank you for your help in promoting the importance of Israel and the unification of the body of Messiah! We are amazed at the faithfulness of our friends and family and are encouraged by your involvement. We look forward to growing the partners in our ministry and seeing the amazing things G-d will do in the land of Israel. G-d bless you and your family from Jerusalem, the city of our great King Jesus!

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