Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blessings Abound

Wednesday was a day of personal blessing; we want to tell you that the L-rd has moved in such a wonderful way to encourage us and keep us in Jerusalem! A recap:

-I visited the midwife and the baby is growing well, she is head down (which is the right position), my blood pressure is normal and I checked out pretty healthy. We're awaiting results about a possible infection, so we're asking for prayer that I am infection-free, meaning no UTI's or GBS.
Some friends gave us a nice car seat to use.
Cassidy's baby Lulu loves it.
-Tom negotiated a new lease for the apartment we're currently in. Our lease is up at the end of February (the same time the baby is supposed to arrive!) so it was crucial that we get something resolved. Now that we know we will be in this apartment for the arrival of the baby we can set up the baby's room and put our minds at ease that we don't have to go apartment hunting and furniture shopping.

-We also received news that the special gift for our housing was renewed, so we are able to stay here for a year. Since this was a special one-time gift last year which covered our rent expense we were not counting on this BUT are extremely thankful for it!

-We got our totals for the year-end and are blessed by the people who gave one-time gifts, renewed their monthly pledges and those who increased their monthly donations. We added some new monthly donors and are seeing the number we need to make our budget shrink almost on a daily basis.

Just today, Sunday, we had our appointment for our visa renewal and praise the L-rd, we got it! Even though it should be a given that we would get another visa, nothing is certain, especially in this country, and it can be a very uncomfortable and long process depending on who is in charge of your renewal. We are very thankful that the appointment only took 15 minutes and we now have the paperwork to stay in Israel for another year.

Thank you for your prayers and care! We look forward to sharing more stories with you throughout the year. Here we go!

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