Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I will cause a hailstorm

Never One to disappoint, this week the L-rd lined up the weather in Jerusalem to reflect His power as told of in the weekly portion. Exodus 9:18-19 says: tomorrow, about this time, I will cause a hailstorm so heavy that Egypt has had nothing like it from the day it was founded until now. Therefore, send and hurry to bring indoors all your livestock and everything else you have in the field. For hail will fall on every human being and animal left in the field that hasn't be brought home, and they will die.

You think I'm kidding...

Curious about the portion? Here's a post briefly explaining what it is. You can always check our left side-bar to find out what the reading is for each week. Hope it blesses you!

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  1. Ha! That is great. Time for LC to get out there and some fun.
    -maasen jean