Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the Land

The Tel Aviv Airport. Thanks John!
Tom arrived in Israel yesterday and John was there to pick him up -- and all of his bags. We spent a lot of time sorting through clothes and other items that we can do without for a month and packed them in two suitcases. When I took him to the airport it was a bit chaotic, but when his bags got checked they only charged him $35 for his second suitcase instead of $70. It was a blessing and a reminder that, like my dad said, When G-d is your travel agent things are bound to work out right.

He met with school officials today and may have even contacted someone about apartments, but that has yet to be seen. Thanks to the miracle of Skype we were able to see each other for a little while yesterday, before he went to sleep and then once he woke up (his Thursday morning, my Wednesday night). It's a strange thing being 8 hours apart and Cassidy and I miss him but we're praying he'll be blessed with Divine appointments and favor upon favor.

Thanks for staying connected!

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