Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Friend

Today we had lunch with our friend Joy and her old friend Taly, an Israeli who lives in Jerusalem and KC. He was full of kindness and eager to help us while we're in Israel. In fact, he lives just ten minutes from the apartment where we'll be staying when we first arrive. He'll be returning to Jerusalem in a few weeks, which is perfect timing for us. He was excited to have us over for Israeli meals and promised to show us some great restaurants. Cassidy enjoyed listening to his accent as he shared with us a bit about himself. I told her that Taly would help her speak Hebrew and then she promised she would teach me.

This meeting was a blessing to us as we leave a home we know and love so well to go into a new life. Taly's kindness and willingness to help us encouraged us about our move. He himself has been through some hard things and he told us that instead of grieving his whole life he's decided to enjoy it, because every day he is here is a blessing from G-d. And when we enjoy our lives we're frustrating the Enemy.  His love for G-d and the land of Israel is evident and we look forward to building this new relationship. As Cassidy hugged Taly good-bye I couldn't help but think he could be a wonderful grandfather figure for her...and for us.


  1. I was glad to hear this, glory to God!

  2. Let's see a picture of Taly!
    Happy for the connections you guys are making. May the L-rd continue to network for you!

  3. No picture this time, but if you come to our farewell party he will be there!

  4. Small things make a huge impact sometimes. It's good to see the Lord's care to give you glimpses of future "family".